Our Solution

Does your city already have a Content Management System (CMS) in place? If so, we can seamlessly integrate with your current asset – your personnel won’t be forced to work with multiple systems. But if your city doesn’t have one in place, then Civita App makes it easy for you to create and share in-app content with our built-in CMS. Our dashboard is intuitive and friendly to tech and non-tech users.

We also help you manage issues and work orders. All items reported in the app will automatically be posted in our web portal for you to manage. You can view, assign, update, and convert work orders, and when the time is right, close them. We put information that is currently scattered across your agency at your fingertips, making processes more efficient and cost-effective. This system is perfect for your in-field reps, since everything is accessible through our mobile app, and all reported items are tied into Google maps. But if you already have a work orders system in place, we can push all in-apps reports to your legacy system.


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