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Making Community Engagement Effortless and Fun

Civita App is a mobile engagement application that lessens the friction between  community  members and local governments, utility districts, and organizations. We make it easy for you to reach your community members, manage request efficiently, and keep the community  happy with the effortless interface.

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Desktop Usage is Falling & Mobile App Usage is Rising Especially for Millennials

Americans spend more time on their mobile phone than on a desktop. It’s even more pronounced for millennials. In 2017, 18 to 24 year-olds spent 66% of their digital media time using smartphone apps. Mobile apps present a new avenue to reach community members, so why not engage them where they are?

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Our Out-of-Box Solution is Affordable
and Quick to Implement

Our out-of-the-box solution is for both Android & iOS and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems. It is a cloud-based service to keep the footprint lite on the users mobile device and diminishes implementation cost and time – 30 days to launch.

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Why Choose Civita App?

Community-centric engagement

Mobile apps present a new avenue to reach community members, gather insight and opinions, connect them to local services and events, and explore points-of-interest with Bluetooth beacon technology.

Integrate with existing systems

Civita App integrates seamlessly with legacy systems to help exchange data between your existing internal systems, other 3rd party systems, social media sites, and the app.

Save money & improve efficiencies

Reduce calls and handling cost with our report issue feature, work order and service portal. Automatically feed work orders into existing management systems or work it in our dashboard.

Top Features

  • Share important and valuable community information, calendar events & activities

    • Provide community members the ability to access contact and location information for vital departments and representatives. Keep the community informed with all the current and relevant information such as event calendar, and activities.
  • 311 Reports

    • Civita App Mobile allows community members to report issues (with images) and feedback in real-time as they travel around the city. Empower your community members with the tools to report any problem such as graffiti, potholes, street and sidewalk damage and much more. We will automatically forward all reports to the appropriate staff member.
  • Bluetooth beacon technology to help explore your community

    • Help residents and visitors explore community locations. Beacons run on Bluetooth, so no wifi or cellular connectivity is required to transmit messages to your visitors. Use beacons to create precision marketing campaigns and connect with tourists as they move throughout your community.
  • Manage issues & work orders

    • Manage reported issues through a web portal or mobile app – view, convert into work orders, assign to service personnel, and close. Our mobile capability is great for the in-field worker. Automatically feed work orders into an existing asset and work order management systems using APIs.
  • Parks, Facilities & Libraries

    • Share the location and details of your parks, facilities, and libraries. Where is there an off-leash dog park, can I make a reservation for a park or city facility, or is the book I’m looking for currently at the library? These are just a few of the question Civita App can address.
  • News Feed & Press Releases

    • Easily connect your current twitter news feed and any press releases for quick publication to the app users.
  • Things-to-do

    • Connect community members and visitors with things to do like recreation facilities, shopping malls, restaurants, biking & hiking trails, and other points of interest.
  • Social media integration

    • Push your social media sites to engage with mobile app users to maximize engagement.

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